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Organizations that provide support and training for women who want

to be corporate directors and for women who are directors

There are many organizations that provide education, networking, and more to support women aspiring to join their first corporate board as well as women currently serving on public or private boards. For your convenience, we are listing a sampling of such organizations. This is by no means a complete list and we cannot vouch for their quality.


We note that while some are nonprofit ventures, others are for profit. The organizations target different niches and provide education ranging from how to get a board seat to continuing education for existing board members. Some also offer referrals to specific board seat openings or may provide access to an executive search firm. Price ranges for their offerings vary widely.


Finally, we suggest that those seeking corporate board seats be mentally prepared for a marathon and not a sprint. Getting your first seat may come easily if you know the right person, but it more likely will take diligent effort, even if you are fully qualified. Educational programs and certificates build your credibility, but they will not, on their own, be enough if you do not work the process in a disciplined way.

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